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Just released: a informative video with a lot of unique music and images of my work. To learn more about my guitars, please visit:


Welcome to the webpage of Aspe Guitars. Jasper who started making guitars as a fulltime job over twenty years ago is the owner of Aspe Guitars. Before he started his own buisiness, he worked in various guitar shops, colaborated with five other guitar builders, and played in several blues/rock bands. Jasper was born in Holland, but nowadays lives in Almoharín, Spain where he manufactures the Aspe guitar which is featured on this website. In the meanwhile he has repaired, built and modificated countless guitars.

In addition to the manufacture of new guitars, Jasper also undertakes all kind of repairs and modifications to guitars and bases

Aspe Guitars is also the official importer of Furch Guitars in both Spain and Portugal. These excellent acoustic guitars are built in the Czech Republic. In order to amplify the Furch guitars, Aspe imports special pick-ups from Highlander in the USA. In our opinion these are the best pick-ups in the world.